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        MindTouch for Genesys Cloud

        The power to keep customers happy by keeping your contact center agents two steps ahead

        A new way to quickly solve problems for customers within the Genesys agent experience

        When a customer needs an answer, a positive customer experience means easily navigating the IVR menu, talking to the right agent, and never having to repeat the same information. The MindTouch for Genesys Cloud integration makes this kind of experience possible by equipping your agents so they’re ready to assist your customers at the very first interaction.


        Gain the agent advantage in Genesys Cloud with MindTouch

        Bringing a proactive agent experience to Genesys

        Give your agents deeper visibility into the customer support journey by showing them the customers’ problem before the interaction begins. MindTouch captures what the customer searched for and viewed and displays it to the agent right inside of their Genesys Cloud agent desktop. When a customer initiates an email, chat, or call, MindTouch automatically looks for possible solutions based on the subject, topic, or IVR selection.

        Taking out the frustrating guesswork for agents

        Agents spend up to 20% of their time searching for the correct information to give customers. MindTouch eliminates agent guesswork by intuitively guiding agents to the right solutions and personalizing the agent experience, only showing agents information relevant to their customer, support role, or support product lines. When needed, your agents can quickly drill down to the solution they need in a few guided clicks, while MindTouch Intelligent Search uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques so your agents don’t have to worry about the perfect search terms, impartial words, or misspellings.

        Built to support your KCS? program

        MindTouch for Genesys Cloud integrates the MindTouch KCS v6 Verified functionality that allows agents to capture, improve, and reuse knowledge in alignment with KCS best practices.

        Learn more about KCS and MindTouch
        KCS Verified Logo White

        Helping agents help other agents solve similar cases faster

        Your frontline support agents are one of the most important sources of useful knowledge that can help other agents resolve issues faster. MindTouch brings authoring capabilities to the Genesys Cloud agent experience, allowing agents to quickly create content “in the flow” based on new or undocumented issues.

        Reducing contact center churn by easing agent onboarding

        To help combat costly contact center churn, MindTouch infuses your agent onboarding processes with the knowledge agents need to quickly get up to speed. Instead of being thrown into a high volume of customer interactions without adequate preparation, your agents will be prepared to make an impact right away, helping to reduce frustration and avoid burnout—two leading contributors to churn. Frustrated and burned-out agents lead to costly contact center churn.

        KCS? is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation?

        Learn more about the MindTouch for Genesys Cloud integration

        Visit the Genesys AppFoundry page for MindTouch
        MindTouch featuring Electrolux

        Demo the MindTouch for Genesys Cloud integration

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