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        Professional Services

        Make knowledge management your customer experience masterpiece.

        Your partner and guide, right from the beginning

        Our Professional Services team helps organizations like yours implement MindTouch. We specialize in providing outcome-based, customer-focused solutions that dramatically impact strategic business goals and help solve your biggest challenges. Our team of experienced professionals will engage your team to first understand what you’re trying to accomplish and then develop an implementation plan to make those changes happen.

        Leave the heavy lifting to us. We’ll help you deploy the MindTouch platform, integrate it with third-party applications, and then tailor the experience to the world-class customer self-service you aim to provide. From there, our team provides ongoing services and support to continuously evolve the experience to meet changing business needs. Our goal? Ensure you get the most value from your investment long after deployment.

        After years of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two

        With a 98% project success rate, our Professional Services team understands how important it is to launch successfully while shortening time to value.

        Learn more about Professional Services

        Flexible integrations that put your content where it’s needed most

        One of the most common questions we get is “does MindTouch integrate with our current mix of technology?” And for good reason: you need to extend content into the channels that your internal and external audiences use. This includes your contact center suite and CRM, chatbots, website, and within the product itself.

        We go where your customers go. Relying on years of experience deploying knowledge management (KM) for some of the world’s leading brands, we’ll build a path to deployment based on your business objectives and customer needs. It’s a true “white glove” experience, meaning you’ll never be left in the dark.

        Extend content into all of your channels

        MindTouch includes pre-built experiences called Touchpoints to integrate knowledge into web properties, e-commerce pages, business intelligence tools, chatbots, and more.

        Ready to accommodate add-on services and special projects

        Every deployment is different, and we get that. Our Professional Services team has experience with translation workflows, reporting, Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS?), and other specialized projects. We’ve got this!

        Partnered with the CRM and contact center solutions you already use

        MindTouch puts knowledge where employees and customer service agents need it most, easily extending into some of the leading CRM and contact center solutions from vendors like Salesforce, SAP, Zendesk, Genesys, and Five9. No lengthy rollout times or heavy customization. No need to keep the customer waiting on the phone.

        Personalized product training that puts your success first

        The MindTouch Training team has one goal: your success. Our experienced and award-winning trainers provide remote or on-site training in group or one-on-one settings. What makes MindTouch Training different is the time we dedicate to designing a program tailored to the needs of your deployment. Some common topics include:

        MindTouch Onboarding
        MindTouch Content Strategy
        Content Strategy
        MindTouch Information Architecture
        Information Architecture
        Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS)
        Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS?)
        MindTouch Content Personalization
        Content Personalization
        MindTouch Customer Experience Consulting
        Customer Experience Consulting

        Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)


        4.8/5 ALL-TIME CSAT

        Experts in KCS

        We are proud to offer KCS training, KCS certification, and best practices consulting from our team of KCS v6 certified trainers.

        Learn more about KCS and MindTouch
        KCS Internal Trainer

        Consistent branding across your sites

        Branding and user experience should never be an afterthought. We help you create a consistent, easy-to-use experience across your support and marketing sites—a happy marriage that shows your customers how much you care.

        Delight your customers

        by delivering consistent experiences, whether they come to you to buy something, shop around, or seek support.

        Nail your look and feel

        including colors, fonts, header navigation, custom functionality, search pages, and more.

        Launch branded authentication pages

        so that it’s easy for customers to log in and see content tailored to their user experience.

        Benefit from real-world expertise

        thanks to a team of consultants that knows documentation, user experience, and the MindTouch product inside and out.

        Work closely with a trusted product consultant

        When launching MindTouch, you’ll have a dedicated point of contact throughout the entire deployment. Not just a project manager, but a partner who listens to your specific needs. Think of us as your implementation specialist, delivery manager, and advisor for information gathering and discovery, comprehensive content audit, information architecture workshops, and beyond.

        Take an outside-in approach that puts your customers first

        What will your experience feel like from the customer’s perspective? Our CX consultants help ensure none of those needs get overlooked by taking an outside-in approach to every detail of your deployment.

        Product experts that help maximize your value

        Based on your use case, our experienced product consultants will recommend best practices to help you (and your customers!) get the most out of your MindTouch solution. Do you have a specific project, like KCS or a customer self-service initiative? We’ll show you the best way to get it done. At the end of the day, the success of your KM solution depends on how well it meets the expectations of your customers.

        KCS? is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation?

        Here’s to making life easier for your customers

        Talk to Professional Services
        MindTouch featuring Electrolux

        See the MindTouch Platform in Action

        Request a Demo