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        Finally, a knowledge platform that’s as obsessed with customer experience as you are

        The customer experience is broken, and we can help you fix it. Instead of poor search experiences and hard to find content, leading to higher customer effort and lower customer satisfaction, MindTouch does it differently. Our multi-channel approach engages your customers where they are and provides multiple paths to success.

        Helping the world’s leading brands make life easier for customers

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        Built to make finding answers a breeze

        Proactive customer service depends on enterprise-grade knowledge management. A robust platform capable of handling large amounts of content across the organization, blended and linked together, all playing nice with your existing mix of technology—that’s MindTouch. A single source of truth that can extend knowledge to all the channels your customers and agents use most.

        Learn more about MindTouch

        Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, has shortlisted MindTouch as a knowledge management provider in its “Customer Service Technology Vendor Guide, 2019,” its “CRM Vendor Guide, 2018,” and its “Hype Cycle for CRM Customer Service and Customer Engagement, 2017.”

        Looking to improve agent productivity? We can do that, too.

        With MindTouch integrations, agents can quickly search and view content without switching windows, get valuable customer insights, and reduce time to resolution. MindTouch easily extends into some of the leading CRM and contact center solutions from vendors like Salesforce, SAP, Zendesk, Genesys, Five9 and ServiceNow. No lengthy rollout times or heavy customization. No keeping the customer waiting.

        MindTouch featuring Electrolux

        Transform your customer experience

        Request a Demo